Metehe 20

The straight and cornered Metehe 20 profiled sheet is made of 0.45-0.60 mm colour-coated steel sheet. The lowest roofing sheet profile of our selection offers an affordable option for roofing material. The product is well-suited for residential and leisure buildings, as well as industrial sites. The coating options are PE (technical warranty 30 years), HC25 (technical warranty 40 years) and PUR and PUR Matt (technical warranty 50 years).

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Metehe 20


ApplicationRoofing sheet, minimum inclination of roof 1:7
MaterialColour-coated 0.45-0.60 mm steel sheet
DimensionUsable width 1,100 mm, total height 18 mm, standard length 100–11,700 mm
InstallationWith roofing screws from the base of the groove


Colours and coatings

Please note that the colours are for reference purposes only and may differ from the sheet metal’s true colour tone. Please contact us and we will deliver a sheet metal colour sample of your chosen material.

Colour 11 Spruce green
Colour 31 Brown
Colour 21 Light grey
Colour 32 Dark brown
PE / HC25 / PUR / PUR Matt
Colour 22 Grey
Colour 33 Black
PE / HC25 / PUR / PUR Matt
Colour 23 Dark grey
PE / HC25 / PUR / PUR Matt
Colour 35 Blue
Colour 29 Red
PE / HC25 / PUR / PUR Matt
Colour 37 Green
Colour 30 Light brown
Colour 750 Brick red
PUR / PUR Matt



Rounded ridge flashing
Upper eaves flashing
End flashing
Eaves flashing
Valley flashing
Joint flashing

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