Metehe Concertto Vivo 400

Metehe Concertto Vivo 400 product sheet’s material is 0.70 mm colour-coated steel sheet. The usable width of the product sheet is 1,200 mm and the maximum width is 3,200 mm. Concertto Vivo 400 panes’ width is 400 mm and the length of the pane can be freely chosen between 300 mm, 400 mm or 600 mm. The number of panes can be selected in such a way that the maximum length of the sheet is not exceeded. The coating options are PVDF+ and PVDF+ Matt (coating warranty 20 years).

The Concertto Vivo is most commonly used as an effect for the Concertto facade, in which case the facade can be provided expression and liveliness.

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Metehe Concertto Vivo 400

ApplicationInner and outer surfaces of buildings
MaterialHot-galvanised steel sheet with PVDF coating (protective film),
material thickness 0.70 mm
Module width3 x 400 mm
Module length300 mm, 400 mm or 600 mm
Usable width of sheet1,200 mm
Maximum length of sheet3,200 mm
Profile height11 mm


Colours and coatings

Please note that the colours are for reference purposes only and may differ from the sheet metal’s true colour tone. Please contact us and we will deliver a sheet metal colour sample of your chosen material.

Colour 20 White
Colour 40 Silver
PVDF+ Matt
Colour 23 Dark grey
PVDF+ Matt
Colour 41 Dark silver
PVDF+ Matt

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