The products we produce are within the scope of the harmonised product standards SFS-EN 14782 and 14783, which apply to metal roofing and cladding products. They define the vocabulary, requirements and testing methods of metal reel, strip and smooth sheet metal products and factory-made components, which are used in fully supported roofing or the cladding of exterior or interior walls.

The CE marking is proof that our products have been manufactured in the EU according to valid regulations, in other words they meet the operating requirements intended for the products and the procedures specified by the standard have been carried out. Overall, CE marking is a comprehensive process that applies to the entire company and consists of the following sub-areas:

  • Initial testing of raw materials and end products
  • Factory’s internal quality control
  • Quality control of end product
  • Preparation and management of performance level notice
  • CE labelling of product or packaging

The performance level notice is confirmation that our products observe the requirements of the harmonised product standard and that the initial test and continuous quality control have been carried out in accordance with the standard. The product’s intended use and the product’s characteristics are indicated in the performance level notice. Product category-specific performance level notices are available at the following links.

Rof products

Facade products

Coil products

When you select a CE-marked product from our selection, it will certainly meet the existing regulation and it can be reused according to the Building Products Act. Our retail products are CE-marked by their manufacturers when the products have a harmonised standard available.