Metehe Konesauma

Metehe Konesauma (mechanically seamed roofing) is particularly suitable for gently sloping and multi-shaped roofs. The traditional seamable steel roofing can be produced with 0.50 mm or 0.60 mm hot-galvanised or warranty-coated steel sheet. The coating options are PUR, PUR Matte (technical warranty 50 years).

Installation requires special tools and professional expertise.




Metehe Konesauma


ApplicationRoofing sheet, particularly gently sloped and multi-shaped roofs. Minimum inclination of roof 1:12
MaterialColour-coated or hot-galvanised 0.5–0.6 mm steel sheet
DimensionsUsable width 535 mm, seam height 25 mm, standard length 800–11,700 mm


Colours and coatings

Colour 21 Light Grey
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 32 Dark Brown
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 22 Grey
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 33 Black
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 23 Dark Grey
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 750 Brick red
PUR / PUR Matte
Colour 29 Red
PUR / PUR Matte


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